Workshops offer an informal environment for focused group discussion around work in progress or new areas of research and practice. For further description of the workshops click on the relevant title.

To participate in a NordiCHI 2002 workshop it is necessary to have a position statement accepted by the workshop organiser. The general deadline for submitting workshop position statements is August 30, 2002. Please submit position statements directly to the orgaisers of the relevant workshop.

Workshop 2: Procuring usable systems: Key issues for systems development (Saturday)

Organised by Stefan Holmlid (Ericsson Radio Systems) and Henrik Artman (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

This workshop explores experiences from procurement, taking a usability perspective, trying to chart out the issues ahead for research regarding the procurement of usable systems. During the workshop we also want to explore and formulate opportunities for procuring usable systems as a complementary perspective to producing usable systems.

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Workshop 3: Bridging the gap between field studies and design (Saturday)

Organised by Annelise Mark Pejtersen, Morten Hertzum, Peter Bøgh Andersen and Susanne Bødker (Centre for Human-Machine Interaction, Risø, Aalborg, Aarhus)

Field-study methods are increasingly being used in HCI research and in systems development. These methods provide researchers and designers with a work-oriented understanding of the use situation. However, this work orientation rarely leads to specific design suggestions, and it is rarely integrated with the more system-oriented development techniques designers also use. The objectives of this full-day workshop are to (1) increase awareness of the existence, nature, and consequences of the gap between field studies and design and (2) identify approaches to, techniques for, and ways of working with, if not bridging, this gap. The workshop will consist of presentations of position papers and discussions facilitated by the workshop organisers.

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Workshop 4: Human-computer interaction and e-learning (Saturday morning)

Organised by Kasper Hornbæk (University of Copenhagen), Simon Heilesen (Roskilde University), Lisa Gjedde (Danish University of Education), Bo Fibiger (Aarhus University), Lone Malmborg (Malmö University)

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and e-learning. We will discuss the participants' work and thoughts on the relation between HCI and e-learning, including reports on successful designs; the relation between theories of learning, theories of HCI, and the design of e-learning; work on evaluation; and visions for creative e-learning.

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Workshop 5: Student-centred HCI teaching (Saturday afternoon)

Organised by Marta Kristín Lárusdóttír, (Reykjavik University).

The aim of the workshop is to create opportunity for teachers to share experiences on what the biggest problems for their students learning HCI are, get an inspiration from one another on why the students have these problems and share ideas on what alternatives there are to solve them.

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Workshop 8: Defining quantitative usability requirements (Sunday)

Organised by Timo Jokela, Mikko Jämsä (Oulu University), Tea Liukkonen-Olmia (Nokia Mobile Phone)

Quantitative usability goals are perceived difficult to define and quite seldom defined in practice. As a consequence, usability is considered only as a secondary objective in development projects and the likely result is a product with usability problems. The topic is neither discussed very thoroughly in the literature, and only few research papers exist. The focus of the workshop is to gather researchers and practitioners to share experiences and identify new proposals in defining quantitative usability requirements.

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