Decision-support System for Cancer Rehabilitation: Designing for Incorporating of Quantified Data into an Existing Practice

Wednesday 3 October 2018
Organisers or author: 
Katerina Cerna, Anna Sigridur Islind, Johan Lundin, Gunnar Steineck

Work in progress paper.

Recent development in self-monitoring devices indicates that using quantified data in clinical practice supporting chronic diseases management holds a big potential. However, exploration of this design space also suggests that some unattended challenges still exist, such as a low adoption rate of self-monitoring tools in existing clinical practice. In this text, we therefore focus on the ways healthcare professionals use quantified data in their practice. We draw on empirical data from an ethnographic study of a cancer rehabilitation center. Our preliminary findings suggest that the self-monitoring tool supported the nurses’ work because it became a functional complement to their work by allowing them to appropriate the device to their and the patients’ needs.