Co-Designing Smart Home Technology with People with Dementia or Parkinson’s Disease

Wednesday 3 October 2018
Organisers or author: 
Aikaterini Bourazeri, Simone Stumpf

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Involving users is crucial to designing technology successfully, especially for vulnerable users in health and social care, yet detailed descriptions and critical reflections on the co-design process, techniques and methods are rare. This paper introduces the PERCEPT (PERrsona-CEntred Participatory Technology) approach for the co-design process and we analyse and discuss the lessons learned for each step in this process. We applied PERCEPT in a project to develop a smart home toolset that will allow a person living with early stage dementia or Parkinson’s to plan, monitor and self-manage his or her life and well-being more effectively. We present a set of personas which were cocreated with people and applied throughout the project in the co-design process. The approach presented in this paper will enable researchers and designers to better engage with target user groups in co-design and point to considerations to be made at each step for vulnerable users.