WS03: Inclusion through Design and Use of Digital Learning Environments: Issues, Methods and Stories

Saturday 29 September 2018
Diana Saplacan, Jo Herstad, Anders Mørch, Anders Kluge, Zada Pajalic

Location: Informatics building: pascal

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 from United Nations refers to the inclusion and quality of education, by providing equal access to all levels of education. The main focus has been until now on inclusion and accessibility through universal design, while focusing on disabilities. Researchers and practitioners in HCI and EduTech are concerned with theories, methods, tools, design principles and empirical studies of user interfaces for supporting teaching and learning in a diverse range of settings, for learners at all ages, in various situations. Digital learning environments are tools employed primarily in educational institutions (from schools to higher education) for teaching and learning purposes, and outside education (e.g. workplaces, edutainment, e-commerce) to support non-routine tasks and complex problem solving with recommendations for action, reflection on alternatives, and in-depth tutorials. We would like to invite through this workshop to shift our focus from disabilities to sustainability in education through technology and inclusion.