WS10: The Role of Design Fiction in Participatory Design Processes

Sunday 30 September 2018
Sus Lyckvi, Virpi Roto, Elizabeth Buie, Yiying Wu

Location: Informatics building: pascal 

Have you been using design fictions in your participatory design projects and would like to learn more? Or are you someone who creates fictions and is wondering how they can be put to use in a design context? If so, this workshop is for you. We aim to explore if, how, and when in the design process participatory design practices and design fictions can be combined. We are interested in reports and reflections on how to: collect information to base the fiction upon; co-create fictions; use fictions (as a discussion tool, design tool etc.); or evaluate fictions. Together we will create a first overview of the combined Participatory Design / Design Fiction process, including a set of practical examples. Welcome!