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The Scandinavian tradition has made a great impact on the development ofco-operative and user centred design, based on the traditions of a closeco-operation between developers and users. Scandinavia has also made asignificant contribution in driving the design of mobile devices throughNokia and Ericsson. Scandinavian design is a well-known style in the designof furniture and interiors. Despite the existence of several excellentconferences within the area of HCI we see the need for a discussion forumwith a Nordic perspective. Therefore we invite researchers andpractitioners from all the Nordic countries as well as the rest of theworld to submit and participate in the making of a more usable future.

We encourage submissions within a wide range of HCI topics,
especially focusing upon

Co-operative design
User-centred design
Scandinavian system development philosophy
Current research on HCI in the Nordic countries
Usability and Accessibility
Information technology in everyday life
Social and psychosocial effects of IT use
Art and communication
Ubiquitous computing and mobile devices

[[First page][Objective][Final Program] [Call for papers]
[Programme committee] [Organisation committee] [Registration] [Co-operating organisations]
[Student Volunteers] [Accomodation][International Journal of Human Computer Interaction]