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The advance (online) registration is closed. Registration on site may be possible, provided that there are seats left.

Payment information
As confirmation to this registration, you will receive a number. You will need to specify that confirmation number on the payment form, or we won't be able to connect your payment to your registration request.

Payment should be made within 14 days from registration. If payment has not been made within this time period, the registration will be cancelled. This will be communicated through email.

If payment is made after October 16, be sure to bring a receipt to the conference, as we may not yet have received information about the payment from our bank.

Swedish (and perhaps some Nordic) participants can make payments through:

postal giro service account4046229-3
payeeIntresseföreningen STIMDI

Participants outside Sweden can make payments to the Swedish bank SEB. The transfer will cost approximately SEK 70.

swift numberESSESESS
account number5061-1014297

Note: The confirmation number you will receive from this registration must be specified on the payment form, no matter what payment method is used.

If you have any questions regarding your payment or wish to make a cancellation, send an email to registrationNordiCHI@stimdi.se or a fax to +46 (0)8 102 477

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