Call for participation

NordiCHI 2020 welcomes proposals for courses allowing attendees to extend their knowledge beyond their current area(s) of expertise. Courses should help participants: 1) explore new methods, techniques, and practices; 2) develop new skills in order to innovate; and 3) become inspired to pursue new ideas.

We expect courses to provide clear practical value to intended audiences (researchers, practitioners, designers, developers, managers, and students) at specific levels (new researchers/practitioners, general interest, or experts).

Courses will be offered in a maximum of four 90-minute sessions. Courses will run in parallel with workshops as pre-conference activities on October 25 and 26.

Courses can, without excluding other options:

  • Cover foundational concepts of research and practice
  • Be specialized offering significant depth in specific established and/or emerging areas of research and practice
  • Focus on tools and methods offering hands-on practical skill development in methodologies, technologies, research/design/development approaches, etc...

This said, we invite proposals for courses focusing on all themes of the Human-Computer Interaction field, and in particular, we invite courses focusing on the theme of the conference: Shaping Experiences, Shaping Society.

If you have ideas for courses you would like to see at NordiCHI 2020 please provide your suggestions through

Important Dates

April 22nd '20

Submission deadline for installation proposals

May 11th '20

Notifications regarding courses sent to all proponents

May 11th '20

Public announcement
Call for participation is sent and course registrations are opened

September 7th '20

Publication ready
Deadline for all submissions

Submission details

Online Submission


Submission format

Please note that ACM has recently modified its Publication Workflow and Article Templates for the submission and publication process (see Authors must write and submit their papers using the single-column "Review Submission Format".

Please refer to the Instructions for Authors for detailed guidance on the selection of the correct templates, preparation of your manuscript for review and publishing the final version of your paper.

A course proposal should have the following parts:

Course Description

The course description is a 3 to 4 pages paper in single-column format, including references. It should be self-contained and clearly provide a detailed course description including:

  • Title of the course
  • Names and affiliations of the instructors
  • An abstract describing the course
  • A summary of the learning outcomes the attendees will gain as a result of attending this course highlighting their relevance for the intended audience
  • Intended audience (researchers, students, practitioners, etc) that will benefit from the course and its size
  • A summary of the prerequisites describing any prior knowledge required to understand the course
  • Duration, expressed as the total number of 90-minute sessions (between 1 and 4 total)
  • Content, describing in detail the topics that will be covered
  • Practical work, describing the expected practical work in the course
  • Resources, such as a course web site or other resources that might be accessed to provide more information about the course
  • Promotional strategy, describing the suggested promotional strategy for attracting attendees
  • Instructor(s) background, provided as short biographical notes
Course Materials

Samples of course materials (for example, handouts, slides, etc., in PDF format) to support your submission and aid in acceptance decision. If the course proposal is accepted you’ll be offered the possibility to submit a full version of the course materials to be added in the ACM digital library in perpetuity.

Selection Process

The selection process is curated. Course selection will happen by the discretion of the Courses Chairs. Acceptance of proposals will be informed by factors such as:

  • Clarity of intended learning outcomes
  • Value for the participants
  • Level of expected interest
  • Relevance to the NordiCHI’s broad audience
  • Prior experience and qualifications of the instructors

Technical setup at the conference

We can generally provide a projector, screen and speakers. Budget constraints make it unlikely that additional equipment can be provided. Additional technical requirements must be discussed with the chairs and the authors can request assistance for setup.

Additional conditions

Courses are run only if at least 5 participants register by the early bird registration deadline so instructors should be active in advertising their tutorial to relevant audiences. Instructor compensation is based on the number of participants who register for that particular course, as follows:

  • Min 10 paid participants: Free conference registration for the 1st instructor
  • For every additional 10 participants: Free conference registration for an additional instructor or 300€ compensation


Extended abstract will appear in the Proceedings of NordiCHI 2020, which will be published in the ACM Digital Library. Other materials will be published as source material in the ACM Digital Library.


We hope you will join us in Tallinn in October 2020!

Courses co-chairs:
Lene Nielsen (IT University of Copenhagen)
Paula Koppel (Pipedrive)