Research papers

Alexander Berman, Francis Quek, Robert Woodward, Osazuwa Okundaye, Jeeeun Kim
"Anyone Can Print": Supporting Collaborations with 3D Printing Services to Empower Broader Participation in Personal Fabrication

Philip Weber, Philip Engelbutzeder, Thomas Ludwig
"Always on the Table": Revealing Smartphone Usages in everyday Eating Out Situations

Joni Salminen, Milica Milenkovic
"Her Name Was Chloe and She Delivers Stuff to Your Room": A Qualitative Analysis of User Reviews of Hotels Using Robots

Karola Marky, Alexandra Voit, Alina Stöver, Kai Kunze, Svenja Schröder, Max Mühlhäuser
"I don't know how to protect myself": Understanding Privacy Perceptions Resulting from the Presence of Bystanders in Smart Environments

Nico Reski, Aris Alissandrakis, Jukka Tyrkkö,Andreas Kerren
"Oh, that's where you are!" - Towards a Hybrid Asymmetric Collaborative Immersive Analytics System

Doga Gatos, Asim Evren Yantac
"Oxygen Mask": Understanding How Autism Parents Seek Support

Emin Zerman, Neill C. O'Dwyer, Gareth W. Young, Aljosa Smolic
A Case Study on the Use of Volumetric Video in Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage

Amal Yassien, Passant ElAgroudy, Elhassan Makled, Slim Abdennadher
A Design Space for Social Presence in VR

Torben Wallbaum, Swamy Ananthanarayan, Andrii Matviienko, Susanne Boll
A Real-time Distributed Toolkit to Ease Children's Exploration of IoT

Niels van Berkel, Eleftherios Papachristos, Anastasia Giachanou, Simo Hosio, Mikael B. Skov
A Systematic Assessment of National Artificial Intelligence Policies: Perspectives from the Nordics and Beyond

Tomoko Komatsu, Marisela Gutierrez Lopez, Stephann Makri, Colin Porlezza, Glenda Cooper, Andrew MacFarlane, Sondess Missaoui
AI should embody our values: Investigating journalistic values to inform AI technology design

Martin Mundt, Tintu Mathew
An Evaluation of Pie Menus for System Control in Virtual Reality

Valentin Schwind, Niels Henze
Anticipated User Stereotypes Systematically Affect the Social Acceptability of Mobile Devices

Kirsty Macmillan,Tessa Berg,Mike Just,Mary E Stewart
Are autistic children more vulnerable online? Relating autism to online safety, child wellbeing and parental risk management

Chia-Kai Yang, Chat Wacharamanotham
Asymmetric effect of text-chart proximity on reading behavior

Kelly Widdicks, Daniel Pargman, Staffan Bjork
Backfiring and favouring: how design processes in HCI lead to anti-patterns and repentant designers

Naveen Bagalkot, Nervo Verdezoto, Anushri Ghode, Shipra Purohit, Lakshmi Murthy, Nicola Mackintosh, Paula Griffiths
Beyond Health Literacy: Navigating Boundaries and Relationships During High-risk Pregnancies

Kay Kender, Christopher Frauenberger, Johanna Pichlbauer, Katharina Werner
Children as Designers - Recognising Divergent Creative Modes in Participatory Design

Than Htut Soe, Oda Elise Nordberg, Frode Guribye, Marija Slavkovik
Circumvention by design - dark patterns in cookie consents for online news outlets

Cathrine F. Seidelin, Yvonne Dittrich, Erik Grönvall
Co-designing Data Experiments: Domain Experts' Exploration and Experimentation with self-selected Data Sources

Irina Shklovski, Erik Grönvall
CreepyLeaks: Participatory Speculation Through Demos

Sharon Lindberg, Petter Karlström, Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu
Cultivating Ethics - A perspective from practice

Catho Van Den Bosch, Chaja Libot, Joris Mattheijssens, Klaas Baert, Michelle Boonen, Wendy Van Den Broeck, Sandy Claes
Daylist. Exploring the Design of Configuration Settings to Establish a Lean Back On-Demand Radio Experience

Christopher Frauenberger, Kay Kender, Laura Scheepmaker, Katharina Werner, Katta Spiel
Desiging Social Play Things

Erik Sandelin, Sarah Homewood
Design (In)actions

Fatemeh Moradi, Linnea Öhlund, Hanna Nordin, Mikael Wiberg
Designing a Digital Archive for Indigenous People - Understanding the Double Sensitivity of Design

Frederik Victor Kobbelgaard, Susanne Bødker, Anne Marie Kanstrup
Designing a game to explore human artefact ecologies for assistive robotics: basing design games on an activity theoretical framework

Kristen M. Scott, Simone Ashby, Adriana Stan
Designing a Synthesized Content Feed System for Community Radio Volunteers

Oksana Kulyk, Kristina Milanovic, Jeremy Pitt
Does My Smart Device Provider Care About My Privacy? Investigating Trust Factors and User Attitudes in IoT Systems

Rufat Rzayev, Susanne Korbely, Milena Maul, Alina Schark, Valentin Schwind, Niels Henze
Effects of Position and Alignment of Notifications on AR Glasses during Social Interaction

Jasmin Niess, Paweł W. Woźniak
Embracing Companion Technologies

Gökçe Elif Baykal, Eva Eriksson, Wolmet Barendregt, Olof Torgersson, Staffan Bjork
Evaluating Co-located Games as a Mediator for Children's Collaborative Interaction

Nico Reski, Aris Alissandrakis, Andreas Kerren
Exploration of Time-Oriented Data in Immersive Virtual Reality Using a 3D Radar Chart Approach

Hong Li, Pradthana Jarusriboonchai, Heiko Mueller, Emmi Harjuniemi, Jonna Häkkilä
Exploring the Design of Wearable Ambient Displays for Emotional Communication between Remote Couples

Paweł W. Woźniak, Przemysław Piotr Kucharski, Maartje M.A. de Graaf, Jasmin Niess
Exploring Understandable Algorithms to Suggest Fitness Tracker Goals that Foster Trust and Commitment

Greg Nijs, Giulietta Laki, Rafaella Houlstan, Guillaume Slizewicz, Thomas Laureyssens
Fostering More-than-Human Imaginaries: Introducing DIY Speculative Fabulation in Civic HCI

Raghvendra Mall, Mridul Nagpal, Joni Salminen, Hind Almerekhi, Soon-Gyo Jung, Bernard J Jansen
Four Types of Toxic People: Characterizing Online Users' Toxicity over Time

Hannelore Strauven, Katta Spiel, Ine D'Haeseleer, Hans Hallez, Bart Vanrumste, Vero Vanden Abeele
From Promoting Dignity to Installing Distrust: Understanding the Role of Continence Care Technology in Nursing Homes

Giovanna Nunes Vilaza, Raju Maharjan, David Coyle, Jakob E. Bardram
Futures for Health Research Platforms From the Participants' Perspectives

Patrick Jost, Monica Divitini
Game elicitation: exploring assistance in delayed-effect supply chain decision making

Misahael Fernandez, Florian Mathis, Mohamed Khamis
GazeWheels: Comparing Dwell-time Feedback and Methods for Gaze Input

Nasim Beheshtian, Sina Moradi, Aino Ahtinen, Kaisa Väänänen, Kalle Kahkonen, Markus Laine
GreenLife: A Persuasive Social Robot to Enhance the Sustainable Behavior in Shared Living Spaces

Britta Schulte, Philipp Graf, Lena Franzkowiak, Eva Hornecker
Hospital Beds, Robot Priests and Huggables: a (Fictional) Review of Commercially Available Care Robots

Felix Anand Epp, Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, Andrés Lucero, Tapio Takala
Identity through Social Wearables: Designing with Finnish University Students

Nervo Verdezoto, Francisca Antonella Carpio-Arias, Valeria Carpio-Arias, Nicola Mackintosh, Parisa Eslambolchilar, Verónica Carlina Delgado López, Catherine Alexandra Andrade Trujillo, Galo Xavier Vásconez Merino
Indigenous Women Managing Pregnancy Complications in Rural Ecuador

Azhan Ahmad, Effie Law, Alex Moseley
Integrating Instructional Design Principles in Serious Games Authoring Tools: Insights from Systematic Literature Review

Michael Kvist Svangren, Louise Krog,Alisa Ananjeva, John Stouby Persson, Peter Axel Nielsen, Camilla Brunsgaard, Karl Sperling
Investigating One-Time Actions for Domestic Energy Reduction: The Case of District Heating

Osazuwa Okundaye, Sharon Lynn Chu, Francis Quek, Alexander Berman, Glen Hordemann, Larry Powell, Leming Yang
Investigating Telepresence Robotics for Supporting Hands-on Distance Instruction

Raune Frankjaer, Peter Dalsgaard
Knowledge-creation Processes in Crafts-based HCI Research: Introducing a Sympoietic Framework

Stephanie Schwarz, Georg Regal, Marina Kempf, Raimund Schatz
Learning Success in Immersive Virtual Reality Training Environments: Practical Evidence from Automotive Assembly

Justyna Wierbiłowicz, Alessandro Cappelletti, Davide Giovanelli, Angela Pasqualotto, Arianna Bentenuto, Elisabetta Farella, Massimo Zancanaro
Look at me and grab this! Materiality and the practices around negotiation of social attention with children on the autistic spectrum

Kim Sauvé, Saskia Bakker, Nicolai Marquardt, Steven Houben
LOOP: Exploring Physicalization of Activity Tracking Data

Sophie Landwehr Sydow, Jakob Tholander, Martin Jonsson
Machine Sensibility: Unpacking the Embodied and Situated Dimensions of 3D Printing

Patrizia D'Olivo, Marco C. Rozendaal, Elisa Giaccardi
Making Tactful Objects for Sensitive Settings

Carine Lallemand, Vincent Koenig
Measuring the Contextual Dimension of User Experience: Development of the User Experience Context Scale (UXCS)

Andrea Isabell Scheiter, Jessica Aimee Linnemann, Uwe Herbst, Klaus Bengler
Mental Model of Driving Wizards When Simulating an Automated Drive

Michael Chromik, Florian Lachner, Andreas Butz
ML for UX? - An Inventory and Predictions on the Use of Machine Learning Techniques for UX Research

Jesse Pepping, Sarah Scholte, Marnix van Wijland, Milan de Meij, Günter Wallner, Regina Bernhaupt
Motiis: Fostering Parents' Awareness of their Adolescents Emotional Experiences during Gaming

Merja Ryöppy
Negotiating Experiences and Design Directions through Object Theatre

Sven Bock, Nurul Momen
Nudging the User with Privacy Indicator: A Study on the App Selection Behaviour of the User

Victor Kaptelinin, Patrik Björnfot, Karin Danielsson, Mikael Wiberg
Performance, Power, and Place: User Experience of Contactless Object Manipulation in Robotic Telepresence

Judy Bowen, Helen Petrie, Annika Hinze, Sanjit Samaddar
Personas Revisited

Yavuz Inal, Dorina Rajanen, Mikko Rajanen, Frode Guribye, Mattias Rost
Perspectives and Practices of Digital Accessibility: A Survey of User Experience Professionals in Nordic Countries

Jonna Häkkilä, Mari Karhu, Matilda Kalving, Ashley Colley
Practical Family Challenges of Remote Schooling during COVID-19 Pandemic in Finland

Florian Jasche, Thomas Ludwig
PrintARface: Supporting the Exploration of Cyber-Physical Systems through Augmented Reality

Enrique Encinas, Dimitrios Raptis, Jesper Kjeldskov, Mikael B. Skov
Readiness, Seamlessness and Connectedness. Understanding Business Travellers? Door to Door Journeys

Goda Klumbyte, Phillip Lücking, Claude Draude
Reframing AX with Critical Design: The Potentials and Limits of Algorithmic Experience as a Critical Design Concept

Vasiliki Mylonopoulou, Alexandra Weilenmann, Olof Torgersson, Beata Jungselius
Searching for Empathy: A Swedish Study on Designing for Seniors

Roberto Cibin, Sarah Robinson, Maurizio Teli, Conor Linehan, Laura Maye, Christopher Csikszentmihalyi
Shaping Social Innovation in Local Communities. The Contribution of Intermediaries

Naja L. Holten Møller, Thomas Hildebrandt, Irina Shklovski
Shifting Concepts of Value: Designing Algorithmic Decision-Support Systems for Public Services

Kasper Rodil, Chatrine Elisabeth Larsen, Christoffer Caesar Faelled, Emil Færch Skov, Thomas Gustafsen, Antonia Lina Krummheuer, Matthias Rehm
Spending Time: Co-Designing a Personalized Calendar at the Care Center

Hanna Celina, Daniel Lambton-Howard, Clement Lee, Ahmed Kharrufa
Supporting Pedagogy Through Automation and Social Structures in Student-Led Online Learning Environments

Eleanor Chin Derix, Tuck Wah Leong
Tactics for Designing Probes to Explore Parents' Experiences of Family Technology Use

Dennis Stanke, Tim Duente, Michael Rohs
TactileWear: A Comparison of Electrotactile and Vibrotactile Feedback on the Wrist and Ring Finger

David Englmeier, Joseph O'Hagan,Mengyi Zhang, Florian Alt, Andreas Butz, Tobias Höllerer, Julie Williamson
TangibleSphere -- Interaction Techniques for Physical and Virtual Spherical Displays

Philipp Wintersberger, Tobias Klotz, Andreas Riener
Tell Me More: Transparency and Time-Fillers to Optimize the Chatbot Handover Experience

Tom Jenkins, Laurens Boer, Juliane Brigitta Busboom, Ivar Østby Simonsen
The Future Supermarket: A Case Study of Ethnographic Experiential Futures

Eva Hornecker, Andreas Bischof, Philipp Graf, Lena Franzkowiak, Norbert Krüger
The Interactive Enactment of Care Technologies and its Implications for Human-Robot-Interaction in Care

Daphne Menheere, Carine Lallemand, Erik van der Spek, Carl Megens, Andrew Vande Moere, Mathias Funk, Steven Vos
The Runner's Journey: Identifying Design Opportunities for Running Motivation Technology

Neil Maiden,Konstantinos Zachos, Suzanne Franks, Rebecca Wells, Samantha Stallard
Towards New Forms of Digital Support for Science Journalism

Øivind Klungseth Zahlsen, Dag Svanæs, Arild Faxvaag, Yngve Dahl
Understanding the Impact of Boundary Conditions on Participatory Activities: Lessons from a Large-Scale IT Project in Health Care

Yuri Nakao, Yusuke Sugano
Use of Machine Learning by Non-Expert DHH People: Technological Understanding and Sound Perception

Aparajita Chowdhury, Aino Ahtinen, Roel Pieters, Kaisa Väänänen
User Experience Goals for Designing Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration: A Case Study of Franka Panda Robot

Audrey Sanctorum, Suzanne Kieffer, Beat Signer
User-driven Design Guidelines for the Authoring of Cross-Device and Internet of Things Applications

Andreas Junker, Carl Hanefeld-Møller Hutters, Daniel Boonma Reipur, Lasse Embøl Sørensen, Niels Christian Nilsson, Rolf Nordahl
Virtual Womb: Experiencing Human Sensory Development from a Fetal Point-Of-View in Virtual Reality

Rune Møberg Jacobsen, Patrick Skov Johansen, Lukas Bjørn Leer Bysted, Mikael B. Skov
Waste Wizard: Exploring Waste Sorting in Public Spaces

Susanne Bødker, Myriam Lewkowicz, Alexander Boden
What's in a word? Platforms Supporting the Platform Economy

Peter Lyle, Henrik Korsgaard, Susanne Bødker
What's in an Ecology? A Review of Artifact, Communicative, Device and Information Ecologies

Kelly Widdicks
When the Good Turns Ugly: Speculating Next Steps for Digital Wellbeing Tools