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Adaptation and validation of the HCTM Scale into Human-robot interaction Portuguese context

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Designing for Triggering Self-Investigations and Reflections on Factors Related to Sleep Health

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FitBirds: Designing Heart Rate Feedback for Playful and Social Physical Education

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Gathering People's Happy Moments from Their Seeing Capabilities

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Grätzelbot - Gamifying Onboarding to Support Community-Building among University Freshmen

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Increasing User Engagement in Virtual Reality: The Role of Interactive Digital Narratives to Trigger Emotional Responses

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Investigating the use of digital artifacts in a community project of sustainable food practices: 'My chili blossoms'

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Opportunities to Share Collective Human Hearing

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PoseScape: Pose-based Analysis System for Long-term Observation Studies

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Robot Presidents: Who should rule the world? Teaching Critical Thinking in AI through Reflections upon Food Traditions

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rTag: a participatory news platform for critical reading of unverified news

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