Call for participation

Through this call, NordiCHI 2020 aims at widening the geographic footprint of its community, by featuring works that are strongly connected to one of the landscape areas listed below. As such NordiCHI 2020 would like to encourage participation from:

  • Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Russia, Belarus and Ukraine
  • Global South

The landscapes track is for you, if:

  • You want to report on some really interesting piece of research that has been developed in one of the above landscape areas and is specific to that particular landscape.
  • Human-Computer Interaction practice is still in its early days and you would like to share the approach you have been following to bring it to the forefront and push the field forward.

Expected contributions are original papers that bring versatility and move the field of Human-Computer Interaction forward, by expanding its boundaries and introducing new approaches, which are specific to a particular landscape. For this track, we invite submissions of long and short papers. Long research papers are 5 to10 pages long. Short research papers are 4 pages long.

As joining any community is usually challenging, this edition of the conference provides the Landscapes targeted mentoring programme, as described below.


Mentoring in your language or in English is available for authors from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Global South. Please do not hesitate to contact the chairs through indicating on which of the above regions you are located. Be sure to include a tentative title and abstract as well.

Important Dates

Please note that the deadlines are firm and will not be extended.

March 9th '20

Mentoring requests submitted

April 22nd '20

Submission deadline for long and short papers abstracts

May 4th '20

Submission deadline for long and short papers

June 23rd '20

Notifications regarding landscapes sent to all authors

Submission details

Please see the call for research papers

Technical setup at the conference

Besides the conditions set up for the presentation of long and short, papers mentored through the Landscapes targeted mentoring programme will be highlighted as Lanscpape Presentations.


We hope you will join us in Tallinn in October 2020!

Landscape chairs:
Paula Alexandra Silva (University of Coimbra)
Artem Smolin (ITMO University)