Demos and installations

Arife Dila Demir
AURA-Altering Self-Perception Through Interactive Light Emitting Textiles

Emil Woop, Esther Friederike Zahn, Rahel Flechtner, Gesche Joost
Demonstrating a Modular Construction Toolkit for Interactive Textile Applications

Yu Zhang
I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles

Mikhail Fiadotau, Martin Sillaots
Methodyca: A Digital Game to Teach Research Methods

Emilie Giles, Janet van der Linden, Marian Petre
Tactile Stories: Interactive E-textile Wall-hangings created by blind and visually impaired makers

Matthew Wizinsky, Adetokunbo Ayoade
The Long Now: Site-Specific Interactive Environmental Data Objects in Augmented Reality

Faseeh Saleem
Tube! Exploring material and movement expression by body encountering with knitted textile and machine.

Ilan Kirsh
Using Mouse Movement Heatmaps to Visualize User Attention to Words